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22.10.08 | Jon - Webmanager |
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We need to make some higher resolution Photoshop mockups of buses with the ads displayed on them as the images on our press page are not so wonderful at the moment. So can you help us? Here’s how!

(1) Get hold of a decent digital camera, ideally a digital SLR.
(2) Go out on the street and take pictures of some buses*, ideally red bendy buses but others are also fine.
(3) E-mail these pictures to us at photos {at} atheistcampaign(.)org and, if you wish, upload them to Peter Theakston’s Flickr group.

If you’re feeling even keener, then make a mockup of the bus with the banner…
(1) Download this image of the ad banner that will appear on the buses, and use Photoshop or an equivalent (GIMP is free and will do the job) to mockup the bus, putting the ad on the side. You should ideally also blank out the logos of the bus company on the bus.
(2) E-mail the mockup as a JPG or PSD file to photos {at} atheistcampaign(.)org

Please only use our banner in your mockups – this is the design and slogan that was used for the donation page and it cannot be changed now. We’ll credit you if you provide us with good pictures, but as we’re all volunteers in this we can’t pay you for your work.

* – if people think you’re a bus-spotter when you’re taking your photos be ready to tell them you’re doing the work for an atheist campaign!

The first new mockup submitted is now shown above, thanks the excellent work of R. Longmuir. Click here to view the high resolution version.

12 Responses to “Wanted: Bus Pictures & Mockups”

  1. 1
    Sebastian Says:

    Since it might’ve gotten lost in the noise of the other post. I suggest a very minor change to the wording, which I believe improves the tone:

    “There’s probably no god, so stop worrying and enjoy life”.

    There are two changes, first I replaced “now” with “so”. “Now” can sound like you’re irritated and telling someone off. “so” connects the two parts better, implying a connection between the realization that there is no god, and not having to worry anymore, rather than having basically two separate messages (”there is no god”, and “live your own life and leave me alone”).

    I also removed “your”. The original message can be read in a hostile tone to mean “There’s no god, now shut the f*ck up, and leave me alone”. The “your” is exclusive, whereas dropping it sounds more like “come enjoy this shared experience we call life”.

    I think for written text it’s extra important to be careful about wording, since people can and do put their own tone to it, and as we’re fundamentally challenging people’s beliefs they’ll be inclined to read it in a tone that implies patronising bullying rather than uplifting encouragement (especially since atheists have a bit of an image problem – we’re perceived as arrogant, intolerant and patronising).
    The choice of friendly colour is great, but I think a slight change to the wording will help it sound even more inclusive and encouraging.

    Also, I’d recommend registering a domains specifically for this campain, like stopworrying.org, as it’s easier to remember. That site can be a very targeted site too, with basic information about atheistm, and links to other sites. Much less confusing than going to a site which isn’t specifically designed to tie into the campaign.

  2. 2
    Jon Says:

    Thanks for this, but there is no way to change the slogan now, as people have donated on the basis of this…

    Further domains: yes, it’s not a bad idea, although it comes out of my own pocket as the webmanager. atheistbus.com already exists, and we are using atheistcampaign.org as the main domain becuase there will be other campaigns in future.

  3. 3
    Sebastian Says:

    I really don’t think anyone would mind slight changes to the ad as it becomes a reality.
    They donated for the concept, not the exact minute details of the ad.

    I’ve already seen lots of people interpret this ad as arrogant/insulting/intolerant etc., so I think the chance of this back-firing is high.

  4. 4
    Nick Says:

    Kindof agree with Sebastian – perhaps run the London buses with the agreed slogan, but open up to suggested improvements when the campaign expands?

  5. 5
    bitbutter Says:

    I agree that sebastian’s suggestions would improve the tone without taking away from the message. Perhaps for next time?

  6. 6
    bitbutter Says:

    Here’s a mock-up of a bus stand using a creative commons licenced (attribution) photo

  7. 7
    RRevolucion Says:

    The original message reads perfectly.

    You need a bit of punch to it, and the “now” and “your” are presented in the context of a friendly typeface anyway.

  8. 8
    soren larsen Says:

    I believe its ok with a “little command” in the tone of voice.
    we need that lilltle kick.

    thanks for the initiative

  9. 9
    Richard Says:

    I think your suggested amends take away more than they add, Sebastian. I’m an advertising copywriter (put those rotten tomatoes down…) and spend half my time try to stop such tweaks creeping into my work, because they tend to hinder rather more than they help.

    The original line is careful not to create a causal link between not-god and enjoying life. The implication is that there are other things to be getting on with rather than tying yourself in knots over theological matters. In other words, it’s saying ‘don’t worry about the god question’, not ‘don’t worry about the answer to the god question’. I think that that’s the right tone.

    As for the second change, well, it looks to me like all it’d do is dampen down the colloquial, conversational tone of the line. ‘…So stop worrying and enjoy life’ just doesn’t sound as natural as ‘Now stop worrying and enjoy your life’.

    So basically, the original line is better because it’s a bit more personal and personable. It’s only fractions we’re talking about, but it’s amazing how the most minor change can alter the entire tone of a headline.

  10. 10
    Radman Says:

    This is right here, in the present, not the future.

  11. 11
    Ron Says:

    I know God can forgive even you, who deny he exsists. If I am wrong I have gained everything by living a moral life living for God. If you are wrong… you have lost everything by living a Godless immoral life and will spend eternity separated from God, Punished by burning in hell… I have everything to gain by my faith and belief in a resurrected Christ. You have everything to lose by your arrogant denial that God does not exsist!

  12. 12
    bitbutter Says:

    “You have everything to lose by your arrogant denial that God does not exsist!”

    But we’re not denying that God doesn’t exist! ;)

    Your argument is known as Pascal’s Wager. Here follows a link with explanations of why it’s not compelling:


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